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 EDU-3 Skills Standard   Cadets attending OB-FL 1801 training will be evaluated using the EDU-3 standards on stages of entry-level recreational boat operation of a 18 foot sailing keelboat with tiller steering, wind 10 knots or less; maximum 12 knot gusts, waves 2 feet or less. Click  review the evaluation standard. 


 In the 1990’s increasing reliance on navigation technologies including GPS caused the Navy to drop celestial navigation from its officer training curriculum. Now, increasing awareness of the vulnerability of these systems to hacking and other types of disruption has prompted the Navy to reintroduce the requirement. 

Cadets will be taught celestial navigation using techniques that have been used for centuries. This course, hosted by Vanderbilt University, teaches the   basics needed to find location using a sextant and elementary math. 


Click the picture to open the Navy 26 Standard Operating Procedures.  

This document  addressed the expectations and guidelines specific to USNA Basic Sail Training.

It augments the US Sailing Basic Keelboat Book and on the water sail training.

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